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Holistic Birth & Parenting Consultants

Helping You Get Excited to Give Birth...Naturally

As Birth & Parenting Consultants,
we help you get excited to give birth!
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Check out our inspiring services & nurturing guidance throughout your entire journey of Motherhood... From Conception to Parenthood!

We facilitate conversation, that empowers parents to make choices from a place of love and in freedom from conditioned responses.

We honour and celebrate parenting and womanhood, in the context of a nurturing community life.

We assist women to cultivate a family life that both nurtures the health and natural unfoldment of  their babies and children. 

We inspire new mothers to  pursue their life’s work  while journeying  motherhood as a spiritual path.

We do this work to co-create a society that aligns both the needs of the parent’s and child’s evolving soul and consciousness.

Trust Your Birth,
Trust Your process,
Allow Your EXCITEMENT to inspire Your actions,
Your birth will happen instinctively!
artwork by: Damian Leggett